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1. List main and alt character name(s), levels, classes.
Vellexar - Shaman level 28

2. What is your Discord handle?

3. How did you hear about Axiom? Which members do you know?
Ceslestia he is a family member.

4. What time zone are you in? What days/times are you usually in game?

5. What are your hopes and goals in becoming an Axiom member?
Pushing to 60 as we speak to then join you guys on groups and raids.

6. Are you familiar with DKP, and how it works? Do you have an questions or concerns regarding a DKP loot system?
I am familiar and no questions.

7. What other guilds in p99 have you been in? If you are in one now, which one is it?
No other guilds

8. Without bashing your previous/current guild, what made you look for another guild?

9. How interested are you in raiding? Are you willing to learn specific raid tactics and take feedback for improvement?
I am interested and have lots of raiding experience. Should be a breeze for me to raid on p99

10. Have you read the GENERAL RULES & POLICIES and DKP RULES? Do you have any questions?
I have and no questions.

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Re: Vellexar

Post by Balthemal »

Thank you and welcome Vellexar! I updated your permissions on the DKP site. Working on the forums now. Take care!

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Re: Vellexar

Post by Peetho »

Welcome Vellexar!! Thrilled to have you in the guild <3 And so happy to see Ceslestia back in game!

Your forum permissions have been updated as well as your Aegis discord permissions.
"All shall love me and despair!"


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