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Thank you for checking us out!

ax-i-om: a self-evident truth; a universally accepted principle

Axiom is a friendship and integrity focused modified-DKP raid guild with opportunities for raiders as well as casual players. Our vision is to create a fun and challenging p99 community where character and relationships are paramount.

Important links:
General Rules & Policies
Recruiting Policy
DKP Rules (only viewable once permissions have been updated to member)


To become a member, please follow this link to register (please make your username your main's name so we can keep track of people easier!): Axiom Membership Registration

Also, please sign up for our discord at: Axiom Discord
You will find more immediate info there as well as message boards/communication with other guild members.

And register for our DKP site at Axiom DKP site
You won't receive an email even though it will say you will. One of the guild leaders will manually activate your account so you can then add your toon(s).

You will find helpful links to our rules, policies, and other basic information to learn about Axiom here: Axiom Forum home page

Please message a guild leader or officer if you have any questions.

Guild Leaders: Balthemal/Taringail, Peetho/Nurrse, Smarshn/Allig
Officers: Bgpf/Punio, Gnofat/Spratt, Meaks/Vizel, Psychologist/Hatefulcow
Recruiting Officers: Fides/Arsellis


Axiom is in an alliance with Aegis. While participation in Aegis is not required, we encourage you to take part in the raids, events, hit squads, etc. that are available. The following links will allow you to register for their Discord and DKP site:

Aegis's Discord

Aegis's DKP site

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