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Axiom General Rules & Policies:

1. Character and integrity are the foundation of our culture in Axiom.

2. Treat guildmates and those outside the guild with respect and kindness.

3. We pursue excellence as a raid guild, which means we will all use clear communication and be teachable/open to feedback. Listening in discord, even if you are unable to speak in voice, is required for attending raids. We will attack increasingly harder targets as our raid force grows in strength.

4. Our loot policy is DKP. Our mission is to give all of our members a fair and transparent process to earn loot. We use open DKP bids based on need for any of a member's raid-level toons. Some raids are randoms or greed, but they will be declared that ahead of time.

5. Celebrate each other's progress. Do no loot shame in any form (verbal, written, grunts, sighs, begging, complaining about guildmates behind their backs, etc.).

6. Help each other whenever possible, and do not use your assistance to obligate others to help you later. By the same token, please ask for help when needed, but do not take guildmates' kindness for granted.

7. Do not discuss politics or religion in guild chat, discord text chat, or discord raid voice chat. If individual members are grouping or chatting and wish to discuss personal identities and viewpoints within tells or one of the discord group voice chat channels, please do so respectfully. If there is another member in the group who objects to these topics being discussed, you must take your conversation to tells/DMs.

8. Racism, personal attacks, excessive negativity, and other egregious communication that goes against our friendship-focused culture in Axiom will not be tolerated.
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